When Walmart’s Car Park Is Home

Walmart’s Car Park is home to many Americans. For those who are homeless and living in a car, it can be hard to find a place to stop for the night. Yet Walmart, a big store in America, is allowing overnight parking in its car parks. Not all those who park there overnight are homeless though, some are travellers with roaming feet who move from one place to another in their RVs, enjoying stopovers at many sites.

Roaming Feet

Yet, he had roaming feet. He would not complete high school. There was way too much of America to discover. He started in Texas, and wandered round there just to see where it would take him, up until the highway heading to the west began to call, and, he packed up his baggage and set off for California. He hung out there, until Idaho called and he worked the potato fields for a couple of years.