Palm Trees in Florida

Palm Trees in Florida

 Hello and welcome to the Palm Trees in Florida page.
Palm trees thrive on sunshine and warm weather.
Florida has the sunshine, subtropical weather, wide sandy beaches and of course lots of beautiful palm trees.   
Best known of the palm trees that grow right here in Florida are coconut palms and the native Florida royal palm trees. I enjoy sitting under some palm trees swaying in the breeze, watching the waves roll in. 
Palm trees will grow great in your backyard, although the palm beetle will sometimes cause alot of problems. There are a lot of nurseries that grow lots of different palm trees for you to choose from. 
Watch out for falling coconuts! Just remember to not sit under a coconut tree or you might get hit by a falling coconut, not as funny as it sounds. 

Enjoy the wild jungle look palm trees give your backyard.  

       Palm trees sunset in Florida – Picture credit Keri Owen and the NOAA.

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