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Ultimate Guide:Best Insoles for Pickleball 2024

Pickleball is a fast-growing racket sport

Pickleball, an exciting blend of ping-pong, tennis, and badminton, requires agility, quick-reflexes, and above all, endurance. Every pickleball player, amateur or professional, knows well the importance of high-quality and comfortable shoes. The perfect match, however, wouldn’t be complete without the ideal insoles.

Insoles significantly impact your game, offering comfort, support, and even injury prevention. So don’t your feet deserve the very best? To help you out, we’ve gathered the 5 best insoles pickleball on the market. These aren’t here just because, each insole has earned its spot based on performance, comfort, and customer reviews.

Benefits of Proper Footwear

Foot Support for Pickleball

Wearing the proper shoes and insoles while playing pickleball can provide many benefits that help improve your performance and prevent injuries. The repetitive pounding of pickleball puts a lot of stress on your feet, ankles, and knees, so having supportive and cushioned footwear is critical.

The right pickleball shoes offer stability and shock absorption. They have a reinforced toe box to protect against stubbed toes, along with good traction so you can move and stop quickly on the court. Proper insoles provide additional arch support and cushioning. This helps reduce strain on the plantar fascia and metatarsal bones, preventing conditions like plantar fasciitis.

With cushioned, supportive footwear you can move more nimbly around the court and comfortably play longer matches or more games in a row. Properly aligned insoles reduce stress on joints and discomfort in the knees, hips and back by improving posture and gait. You’ll have better balance and agility for quick changes in direction when you need to reach the ball.

Wearing the appropriate footwear for your foot type can also aid in injury prevention. Those with high arches are prone to ankle sprains and stress fractures without enough cushioning. Overpronators benefit from stability features that correct their gait imbalance and relieve pain. The extra shock absorption helps prevent bruising and discomfort after playing.

Getting properly fitted shoes and custom or over-the-counter insoles designed for pickleball will enable you to perform at your best. You can maximize speed and endurance while minimizing aches and pains. With the proper footwear, you’ll be able to play comfortably, avoid injuries, and take your pickleball game to the next level.

Key Benefits of Best Pickleball Insoles

Key Benefits of Best Pickleball Insoles

Given the dynamic nature of pickleball, footwear plays a critical role in determining your comfort levels and game performance. But does the story end with selecting the right shoes? Absolutely not! Equally paramount to a pickleball player’s comfort and support levels are the insoles.

Superior Shock Absorption

The action-packed game of pickleball demands a lot from your feet. Hard-court surfaces can be unforgiving, and consistently playing this high-intensity sport can result in a significant impact on your feet and joints.

The best pickleball insoles offer superior shock absorption to counter this adversity. These insoles are designed with materials that cushion your feet against the hard blows of sudden movements, jumps, and aggressive play. By reducing the stress transmitted to your feet and lower body, these shock-absorbing insoles can enhance your comfort and performance on the court.

Optimal Arch Support

Each foot is unique, and so is the arch. Whether you have high arches, flat feet, or anything in between, the best pickleball insoles cater to your needs by providing optimal arch support.

These insoles are crafted to fit the curve of your foot perfectly and support the natural shape of your arches. They effectively distribute weight and pressure across your feet, reducing pain and fatigue. Consequently, you can play longer games without discomfort, substantially boosting your performance.

Elaborate Heel Cup

An elaborate heel cup in a pickleball insole can be a game-changer. It offers a plethora of benefits – stability, balance, and alignment, to name a few.

A well-structured heel cup keeps the heel snugly fit, preventing any unnecessary movements or slipping. It aligns the foot in the correct posture, reducing undue strain on the foot muscles and ligaments. This profoundly helps in pain conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, making your pickleball experience a more comfortable one.

Maximum Air Circulation

A good game of pickleball means breaking into a sweat. The best pickleball insoles address this by ensuring maximum air circulation. They use special breathable materials and incorporate unique designs, creating air channels that facilitate better ventilation.

Improved air circulation keeps your feet sweat-free and odorless, enhancing your playing comfort. It also reduces the chances of blister formation, ensuring a healthier playing environment for your feet during the long, spirited games.

Universal Fit

Last but not least, the best pickleball insoles offer a universal fit. They are designed to adapt to the individual contours of your feet, creating a personalized, comfortable fit. Plus, they fit seamlessly into most sports shoes without making them feel bulky or constricting.

A universal fit ensures that the insole efficiently fulfills its support purpose without causing discomfort or hindrance. Regardless of foot size or shoe design, these insoles mold ideally to provide you with ultimate comfort and support on the court.

5 Best Insoles for Pickleball

With the market flooded with insoles offering various features, finding the perfect fit can be overwhelming. But fret not! We have carefully curated reviews of the top 5 pickleball insoles and have detailed their unique pros and cons. Let’s dive right in!

1. ScoreMore Insoles for Pickleball

best pickleball insoles

Renowned for their maximum support, ScoreMore pickleball Insoles cater primarily to those who need strong arch support. These high-density foam layer insoles can withstand rigorous pickleball games, providing excellent shock absorption and comfort.


  • Unmatched Support: These insoles are widely recognized for their high-profile shape, which helps stabilize the foot and reduces stress on feet, ankles, and knees.
  • Shock Absorption: The high-density foam layer ensures durability and provides necessary shock absorption during intense pickleball matches.


  • Fit Issues: The high volume may not be suitable for all shoe types.
  • Break-in Period: Some users might find the insoles too hard initially, requiring time to adjust.

2. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Insoles

Spenco Polysorb insoles for pickleball

A boon for pickleball players, thanks to their exceptional comfort and added support, Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic insoles offer improved motion control, reducing pronation and supination.


  • Versatile Application: These insoles are perfect for athletes who engage in various sports, including pickleball.
  • Odor Control: The Silpure antimicrobial cover helps control odors, ensuring your shoes stay fresh even after prolonged use.


  • Limited Durability: The insoles may not last long under rigorous use.
  • Less Support for High Arches: Users with high arches may find these insoles less supportive compared to other options.

3. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Insole

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Insole

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx insoles offer firm yet flexible arch support and boast a unique anti-microbial polyester top fabric that can reduce heat and friction, resulting in ideal pickleball insoles for athletes requiring stability and maximum support.


  • Robust Arch Support: Offering firm and flexible support, these insoles are perfect for players needing extra stability.
  • Less Friction: The anti-microbial polyester top fabric reduces heat and friction, ensuring comfort during play.


  • Higher Price Point: These high-performance insoles come at a considerable cost.
  • Fit Adjustments: Potential trimming for a perfect fit may be required, which some users may find bothersome.

4. Sof Sole Men’s High Arch

Sof Sole Men's High Arch insole for pickleball

Specifically crafted for men with high arches, Sof Sole insoles prioritize targeted relief and enhanced stability. Their deep heel cup is ideal for pickleball, given the high frequency of start-stop motions on the court.


  • Tailored Relief: Designed for men with high arches, these insoles offer proper support with increased stability.
  • Impact Absorption: The SKYDEX air bubbles in the heel and arch efficiently absorb impact, enhancing comfort during play.


  • Incompatibility for Flat Feet: People with flat feet may find these insoles uncomfortable due to their focus on high arch support.
  • Durability Concerns: Some users report that these insoles can wear out quickly under intense activity.

5. Physix Gear Sport Full-Length Orthotic Inserts

Physix Gear Sport Full-Length Orthotic Inserts for pickleball

Physix Gear Sport insoles are an ideal match for those seeking strong support without adding bulk. With excellent arch support, weight distribution across your foot is well-balanced, making these lightweight insoles a superb option that caters to various foot problems.


  • Slim Profile: These insoles are ultra-thin and lightweight, ensuring excellent support without adding unnecessary volume to your shoes.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for mitigating many common foot problems, including flat feet and runner’s knee, making these insoles highly versatile.


  • Reduced Cushioning: The thinner design results in less cushioning compared to other options.
  • Basic Design: Some users may find the design too simple, lacking targeted relief areas.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

When selecting insoles for pickleball, there are several important factors to consider:


Comfort should be a top priority, as uncomfortable insoles can lead to foot pain and injuries. Look for insoles made of soft, cushioned materials that provide ample shock absorption. The insoles should not feel too hard or create pressure points on your feet. Try walking around the house in the insoles before playing pickleball to test the comfort level.


Supportive insoles help control overpronation, provide arch support, and stabilize the foot. If you have high arches or tend to roll your ankles, look for insoles with firm arch support. If you overpronate or have flat feet, seek out insoles with enhanced medial support and stability features. The level of support you need depends on your foot type and playing style.


Getting the right fit is crucial for comfort and performance. Insoles that are too small or narrow can lead to pain and slipping. Measure your feet and follow sizing charts to find the ideal insole length and width. The insoles should fit snugly within your shoes without excess room or cramping. If needed, trim the insoles to optimize the fit.


Insoles range widely in price based on the materials, technology, and brand. Simple cushioned insoles can cost $10-30 while more advanced orthotics and prescription insoles run $50-500. Set a reasonable budget while keeping your needs in mind. Less expensive insoles may wear out faster. Investing in high quality insoles can pay off long-term.

Intended Use

Consider when and how often you play pickleball. Occasional or recreational players may prefer basic cushioning insoles for comfort. Competitive players who play frequently may benefit more from advanced insoles with ample support and durability. Your insole needs also depend on whether you play indoors or outdoors.

Other Factors

Also factor in your foot type, arch type, playing style, shoe type, and any orthopedic issues. Try on insoles and move dynamically in them to assess the fit and feel. It often takes some trial and error to find your ideal insole. Consult a podiatrist if you have severe foot issues or pain.

Proper Care and Maintenance

Taking good care of your pickleball insoles will help extend their life and performance. Here are some tips:


  • Remove insoles from shoes after each use and allow to air dry completely before storing or re-inserting. Sweat and moisture can break down materials over time.
  • Hand wash insoles with mild soap and water occasionally to remove dirt and bacteria. Avoid soaking.
  • For odor control, sprinkle with baking soda or use an insole/shoe deodorizing spray.
  • Replace disposable insoles regularly. Performance and cushioning degrade over time.


  • Look for signs of wear like compression marks, thinning cushioning, or tears. Replace insoles every 6-12 months depending on usage.
  • If insoles feel flat or lose support, it’s time for new ones. Don’t wait for them to disintegrate.
  • When trying new insoles, save the old ones as a backup pair. Break in new insoles gradually.


  • Keep insoles in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight when not in use. Avoid excess heat.
  • Stuff with tissue paper or foam to retain shape if removing insoles for extended storage.
  • Don’t place heavy objects on top of insoles during storage.

Proper care and maintenance will maximize the comfort and support you get from your pickleball insoles. Just remember to clean them regularly, replace them when worn, and store them properly. Happy playing!


Pickleball is a fun sport that is continuing to grow in popularity. With its quick pace and entertaining nature, it’s no wonder more and more people are picking up a paddle. While the initial investment in equipment may seem minimal, having the proper footwear and insoles can make a significant difference in your performance and enjoyment of the game.

The type of insole you choose depends on your individual needs and foot type. Cushioned insoles provide shock absorption and comfort, while supportive insoles help control overpronation. Orthotic insoles offer customized arch support and help alleviate pain. Consider factors like your arch type, cushioning preferences, and any foot pain when selecting the best insole option.

It’s recommended to replace your insoles every 6 months or sooner if they become compressed or worn out. Take time to find the right insole for your feet to help prevent injury and discomfort on the court. With the proper foot support, you’ll be able to move efficiently during gameplay.

The bottom line is investing in a quality pair of pickleball shoes and insoles tailored to your needs will help take your skills to the next level. Give your feet the support they deserve so you can master the pickleball courts. Happy playing!

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